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COVID is pushing technology adoption forward – Muze can help museums with their first step.

Since the start of the pandemic, many articles have been written about how the rise of COVID-19 will lead all companies and industries to push technology advances and adoption forward. Companies which may have been holding off on technology upgrades or tool implementations will now (or have already started) be looking to push those timetables forward. The reason is simple – companies need to ensure that their teams remain productive, and old technology should not be an inhibitor of that.

Such an approach can also be applied to the museum world, where various reasons may have kept the organization “behind the times”, but where now, with the external influences of COVID, such organizations will certainly want to, and perhaps even need to, re-assess how they adopt technology going forward.

One area which remains relatively unchanged over the past few decades is the topic of museum ticketing. It remains common to this day that tickets to museums and cultural attractions are often purchased at the museum ticket counter. On weekends or holidays, long lines can be seen as guests wait for those in front of them to order tickets, exchange money, sign receipts, and so forth. Given the abilities of today’s technologies – this process is highly archaic and is due for a revamp. Add in the fact that “no contact” interactions continue to remain a significant concern in the foreseeable future, there should really be some motivation now for museums to assess this particular piece of a guest’s museum experience.

Muze can help – and at no cost to the museum. The Muze app is a simple app that connects all museums and cultural attractions onto one centralized platform. It differentiates itself from other similar platforms in that it works directly with each of the museums to supply the app with the most up to date information (e.g. information on exhibits, events, etc…). Users can purchase tickets through the app to the museums they wish to visit (or to the events they wish to attend), and the tickets are delivered immediately to them through the app. The museum scans the user’s ticket (through a separate app provided by Muze – for free) when the user arrives.

No more lines. No more contact necessary in the ticketing process.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Interested? Visit to learn more.

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