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It's Time (or Almost Time) to Reopen! Prepare for Visitors by Establishing a COVID-19 Register

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

As many parts of the country move into Phase 4 of the reopening processes, museums will be able to start the processes of re-opening their doors for visitors once again. As noted in the previous post “10 steps each museum should take when opening in a post covid-19 world”, we at Muze wanted to help the museum community through the re-opening process by suggesting measures that each institution should consider prior to re-opening.

One of those considerations (#1 on the list, actually), was to establish a name registration process and log.

Muze has defined a generic template (see bottom of post to download) that all museums can use going forward. All users of this template are encouraged to modify it according to their needs, but this template should be an adequate starting point for all.

Upon review of the template, you will see that three questions are asked of the visitor prior to entry. The museum should determine what their risk tolerance level is for these questions (meaning, if the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, will you still allow the visitor to enter? If no, how will the museum handle turning away the visitor?). Also, the museum needs to determine the risk tolerance in terms of the number of weeks that are defined in each of the question. As of this writing (June 22nd, 2020), four weeks is a conservative number to take to ensure all visitors have not exhibited or been exposed to symptoms of COVID-19.

Regarding the actual use of the template:

1) Prior to the entry of any museum visitor, the guest should fill out this form. Ensure that the correct date and time are recorded, and that the answers to the 3 questions are “No.”

a. If the answer to any of the questions is “Yes”, ensure that all museum staff are aware of what protocol to take

2) At the end of each museum day, group together all of the sheets, and store in a secure location. Ensure that these sheets are easily accessible should the need to reference who came into a museum on a particular day is ever needed.

And that’s it! A simple but important step to take to properly prepare the museum for re-opening. Your guests will know that your institution is taking the situation seriously, and is taking all the proper measures to protect everyone who enters your doors. We sincerely hope that you will consider using this template (or something comparable) in the future. Happy re-opening!

Download the template here:

COVID-19 Museum Register
Download DOCX • 141KB

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