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Social distance with Muze – and eliminate touchpoints while selling tickets at the window

COVID-19 has changed the world. As many of us enter our 4th or 5th month of work from home, it is plain to see that many of the things that we once took for granted will not return to normal for many years, if at all.

As museums cautiously re-open, they will undoubtedly need to think about the safety of their employees and their guests. Most importantly, they will need to find ways to effectively continue social distancing, minimize contact points between persons, and vigorously work to maintain a clean environment.

While we can limit the visitors who come in, and also perform regular cleanings, one part of the process will continue to remain challenging – the ticketing process that is required before anyone can enter the museum.

In a normal world, an exchange would occur as follows:

1) Guest walks up to museum entrance / entrance counter

2) Guest requests X tickets

3) Museum informs guest of the cost

4) Guest hands over credit card or cash to employee (OR inserts credit card into card terminal)

5) Employee returns change and/or receipt for signature (OR guest signs terminal with pen)

6) Employee hands over tickets

As we have become painfully aware these days, limiting such interactions (and the passing/touching of foreign objects) is key to continue to limit the chance of any further exposure of COVID. In the simple exchange highlighted above, we quickly see how many touchpoints there actually are in such a basic interaction.


The Muze wheels were in motion long before the world turned upside down with COVID. And while we started out as a Company with a mission to more easily connect people with museums, we are finding now that our application may be utilized by museums as an additional measure to keep their employees and their visitors safe.

How? Muze connects museums and cultural attractions onto one mobile network, and shares the latest on exhibitions and events which they have to offer.Users can buy tickets through the Muze app, which are then immediately delivered to their phone via a QR code. Museums simply scan a user’s mobile device upon entry into the museum. Simple as that! For more information, head on over to the main page of

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